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  Main properties of building plastering
  (1) Fast coagulation and hardening. After mixing with water, the slurry begins to lose plasticity in a few minutes, loses plasticity and produces strength completely in 30 minutes, and hardens completely in a week or so. In order to meet the construction requirements, some retarders such as borax, potassium sodium tartrate, citric acid, polyvinyl alcohol, lime active bone glue or skin glue were added.
  (2) Volume expansion during solidification and hardening. Gypsum will expand slightly at the beginning of solidification and hardening. This characteristic gypsum products have smooth surface, delicate, accurate size, full shape and good decoration.
  (3)高孔隙度。建筑石膏混合时,有可塑性的建设的要求使浆体,需要加入石膏消费的用水量60% ~,和建筑石膏水化的理论水需求是18.6%,所以,当大量的自由水蒸发,形成大量的毛细孔隙内建筑石膏产品。导热系数小,吸声性好,属于轻质保温材料。
  (3) High porosity. When building gypsum is mixed, there is a requirement of plasticity, which makes the slurry need to add 60% of the water consumed by gypsum, and the theoretical water demand of building gypsum hydration is 18.6%. Therefore, when a large amount of free water evaporates, a large number of building gypsum products in capillary pore are formed. Low thermal conductivity, good sound absorption, belongs to light insulation materials.
  (4) It has a certain humidity. Because a large number of pore gaps in gypsum products have strong adsorption capacity for vapor in the air, it has a certain role in regulating indoor air humidity.
  (5) Good fire protection performance. In case of fire, water and water are separated, heat is absorbed and evaporated, and steam curtain is formed on the surface of gypsum products and the insulation layer is dehydrated, which can effectively reduce the damage of flame to the internal structure. Building gypsum products will be damaged while they are fireproof, and gypsum products should not be used in high temperature areas near 65 C for a long time, so as to avoid the loss of crystalline water and strength of 2-hydrate gypsum below this temperature.
  (6) Poor water and frost resistance. The building gypsum hardened body has strong hygroscopicity, and the absorbed water will weaken the bonding force between the gypsum particles, thus significantly reducing the strength. If immersed for a long time, it will be destroyed by the gradual dissolution of dihydrate gypsum crystal. When the gypsum products are saturated by freezing and water absorption, they will be destroyed by the expansion of crystal in the pore. Therefore, the water resistance and freezing resistance of gypsum products are poor, and they are not suitable for use in wet parts. In order to improve its water resistance, some hydraulic materials such as cement, slag and mechanical waterproofing agent can be added to improve the pore state of gypsum products or increase the water content of pore walls.