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  High strength ceramic gypsum powder has many excellent properties, such as low viscosity, high strength and low expansion rate. Users can use this kind of gypsum powder to make high strength press die or grouting die. Gypsum powder can also be mixed with ordinary gypsum powder in different proportions in the mould workshop to improve the strength of ordinary gypsum powder and meet the economic requirements of various forming processes.
  巴黎石膏的膏体与水混合后逐渐凝固成硬块,过程类似于CaSO4??H2O CaSO4 ? ?2H2O的反应放出大量的热量,生成了CaSO4??2H2O相互结合形成多孔固体。影响熟石膏凝结速度的因素包括熟石膏粉的质量、熟石膏粉与水混合比例不当、搅拌时间和速度、水温等。巴黎石膏的操作注意事项:1。石膏粉与水混合后,若水粉比例不合适,再取适量调和。2. 搅拌速度不宜过快,以免人为地带入气泡,形成过多的结晶中心,导致石膏膨胀,强度降低。3.灌注模型由一侧逐渐向另一侧移动,通过摇动灌注,消除气泡,填充所有细小部位。4. 石膏在凝固过程中发生体积膨胀。
  After mixing with water, the gypsum of Paris gypsum gradually solidifies into hard blocks. The process is similar to the reaction of CaSO4?? H2O?? CaSO4?? 2H2O, which releases a lot of heat and produces CaSO4?? 2H2O which combines with each other to form porous solids. The factors affecting the setting speed of plaster include the quality of plaster powder, the improper mixing ratio of plaster powder to water, mixing time and speed, water temperature, etc. Notes for operation of Paris gypsum: 1. After mixing gypsum powder with water, if the proportion of water powder is not appropriate, then take appropriate amount of mixing. 2. Mixing speed should not be too fast, so as not to artificially bring in bubbles, forming too many crystallization centers, resulting in gypsum expansion and strength reduction. 3. The perfusion model moves gradually from one side to the other. By shaking the perfusion, the bubbles are eliminated and all the small parts are filled. 4. The volume expansion of gypsum occurs during solidification.
  The setting time of gypsum generally depends on the high label of gypsum powder, and the setting time is usually fast. But the way to slow down the solidification rate of gypsum is to use cold water, when you add gypsum powder to the water, cold water. You don't have to do anything. If you think this is impossible, you can add citric acid or you can mix putty powder with gypsum powder, add 108 rubber white latex and cellulose in water, and then mix it.
  Ceramic mould gypsum powder is an important type of gypsum used in China. With the rapid development of national economy, the market of ceramic sanitary ware is expanding. Ceramic gypsum powder is in great demand and of good quality. Ceramic moulds differ from one another in terms of production technology, use and moulding. Ceramic gypsum powder has different performance requirements.
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