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  When putty powder is applied, the details are well handled and the wall is painted. What about the details of putty powder blowing? Then, the detailed processing methods of putty powder blowing by putty powder manufacturers are introduced and understood in this paper.
  1. 选用防水腻子:821是受命令限制的各种腻子。不防水、不结实、易剥落、易开裂。防水腻子不存在上述风险,它是实心的、防水的,可以用水不用任何胶水,长期使用不用根除(10-20年),真正能够达到“长期效益施工”的产品。所以使用腻子的时候,必须综合考虑各种因素,可以考虑多乐士,站的状态,也可以考虑303腻子全部影响,现在全效的产品很多,但对于刮腻子,303年全面影响腻子应该合适,不仅可以附着力好,也可以在墙面的形成同时是干净的和白色的。
  1. Choose waterproof putty: 821 is a variety of putty restricted by orders. Not waterproof, not strong, easy to peel, easy to crack. Waterproof putty is solid and waterproof. It can be used without any glue and eradicated for a long time (10-20 years). It can really achieve "long-term benefit construction" products. So when using putty, we must consider all kinds of factors comprehensively. We can consider Dorothy, the state of the station, and all the effects of 303 putty. Now there are many full-effect products, but for scraping putty, 303 years should be the most suitable comprehensive impact putty. It can not only have good adhesion, but also be clean and white in the formation of the wall at the same time. Yes.
  2. 配制防水腻子时,应按粉料比例配置:水= 2:1左右。用电钻搅拌后,放置约10分钟。
  2. When preparing waterproof putty, it should be allocated according to powder ratio: water = 2:1 or so. Stir with an electric drill and place for about 10 minutes.
  How to deal with the details of scraping putty powder? When you scrape well, you will do so.
  3. Waterproof putty should not be scraped too thick in construction, otherwise cracks will occur in the drying process, which is the shortcoming of waterproof putty. Therefore, the flatness is poor in many times of construction, and the thick bottom can be evenly laid with gypsum first.
  Flattening gypsum: Strictly speaking, flattening gypsum is also a kind of putty, but its main component is gypsum, the surface is thicker, suitable for the bottom of the thicker flattening, single-stage flattening thickness can reach about 5 mm. Good leveling plaster must have a certain waterproof performance, and the bond strength of waterproof putty is higher than that of the product, only in this way can the problem of long-term use be guaranteed. The construction method of gypsum is similar to putty. The only difference is that gypsum can be used once and the drying curing speed is fast.
  The above is about Jinan putty powder detail processing knowledge, I hope to help you. Be careful when scraping putty powder. If you want to know more about it, you can click on the official website: ./