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  粉刷石膏前要对已完成的产品进行防护。门窗可应用木版条或塑料胶纸防护;楼空中运用塑料布等进行防护;脱硫石膏粉厂家已安 装的管道,防火箱,电器开关箱,线盒,预埋件和设备,栏杆,扶手等运用塑料布等进行防护。

  The finished products should be protected before plastering. The doors and windows can be protected by wood plate or plastic glue paper; the air of the building can be protected by plastic cloth; the pipes, fire-proof boxes, electrical switch boxes, wire boxes, embedded parts and equipment, railings and handrails installed by desulfurization gypsum powder factories can be protected by plastic cloth.
  It is equally important to dispose of gypsum base course. First, the ash layer, dirt and oil dirt on the surface of base course should be cleared and cleaned. Defects such as convex and concave parts and non-reserved holes on the base are treated with the same kind of data to be smooth and firm. Rule data are used to fill in the door and window frames and edge seams. When plastering gypsum, it is necessary to sprinkle water and humidity on the grass-roots as early as possible, and no clear water is allowed when plastering. A layer of building glue can be applied to the wall with a large water absorption ratio.
  The slurry preparation of plastering gypsum. The mixing proportion of gypsum mortar materials in desulfurization gypsum powder factories should be appropriate. The recommendation refers to the recommended mixing proportion. The quantity of one-time feeding should be used up within the regular time. The slurry after initial setting should not be mixed with water again. First pour the water into the mixing barrel, then pour the ash, mix for 2 - 5 minutes, so that the slurry reaches the appropriate consistency, and then stand for 5 minutes before mixing for the second time and then use.
  粉刷石膏每次拌料量应按抹灰面积所需求的量,不宜过多,要做到勤拌勤用,拌成的料浆要在初凝前用完,曾经初凝的料浆不得再次加水搅拌运用。以上内容是济南石膏粉厂家为大家整理的,想要了解更多内容,欢迎访问网站:The mixing quantity of plastering gypsum should be in accordance with the requirement of plastering area. It should not be excessive. It should be used frequently. The mixing slurry should be used up before the initial setting, and the slurry that had been initially solidified should not be mixed again with water. The above contents are sorted out by Jinan gypsum powder manufacturer. For more information, please visit the website: .