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  Jinan plastering mortar will encounter the problem of uneven mixing in production. The mixing effect directly affects the quality of products, production problems also affect the sales performance of users, and affect economic development. However, there may be two reasons for the uneven mixing of dry mortar equipment, which may be due to the user's input of materials, materials first, and then water, or because the two mixers are suitable for the user's selection. In order to protect the excellent role of dry mortar mixing equipment, the user not only needs to select the appropriate mixer according to the normal order, materials, but also production needs.
  Determine skill plan according to process plan requirements and production cycle. Including: feeding sequence, form and configuration of fast and precise feeding equipment, material and volume of metering silo, silo cone angle, inlet and outlet valves, soft combination, model and specification of weighing sensor, installation and adjustment mode, metering display and instrument control, etc. The selection of rated load is generally 120% of the total tare weight and weighing (total amount of various materials and materials).
  If the selected specification is too small, impact load and unexpected factors may cause damage to the load cell. If the specification is too large and the resolution is not good, the accuracy will be affected. Dry mortar production line investment. The production line of dry mortar equipment has a large one-time investment, which is difficult for general enterprises to bear, so the production line of dry mortar is relatively poor. In addition, due to the high technical content of dry mortar, there are some difficulties in using local data, which brings difficulties to the comprehensive promotion of dry mortar. In the production process of dry mortar equipment, there may be material caking. The reason for this may be that the one-time mixing volume is too large, two or three minutes can be formed into a block material static, and the material is released. The other reason may be that the storage time of production materials is too long, and under the influence of external environment, a good way to solve this problem is to replace the use of materials , pay attention to the materials stored under the fruit, and check the material space to be dry and ventilated.
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