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  There are many kinds of pipes, among which the asbestos cement color mixing tank has high strength performance, which can be used in acid-base corrosion and high temperature environment, and it is easy to cut when reprocessing. When it is buried in the ground, the wet bonding mortar can make the pipe body continue to harden, the strength of the pipe body is also increasing, the service life can reach 100 years, the chemical property is very stable, the development of environmental protection industry is a common topic for human beings. For the enterprises that produce asbestos cement mixing tank pipes, they should develop environmental protection production technology, one is to pay attention to the selection of raw materials, the other is to improve the performance of pipes. For the use of Jinan plastering mortar, green production technology should be used as far as possible. In the traditional mortar production process, the use of power, coal and other energy supply is more, will produce environmental pollution of dust particles. According to statistics, the coal industry that produces 1 ton of mortar will emit about 1 ton of carbon dioxide, dust and a lot of industrial waste. Therefore, it is very important to save resources, protect environment and reuse waste.
  Once again, considering the performance of the pipeline, in recent years, people's living quality has been improved, the protein and household chemicals in domestic garbage have been improved, and the complications of synthetic detergent and industrial wastewater have been widely used. In some areas, the soil erosion medium itself, the corrosion condition of common drainage pipeline has become a major problem, and the development and production of corrosion-resistant drainage should meet the demand, The asbestos cement pipe with groove is a result.
  在石棉水泥调色管中,矿渣、粉煤灰和掺合料作为胶凝砂浆的胶凝材料。可在ph2 ~13环境下使用,具有较好的耐腐蚀性。充分解决了生活污水、工业废水和土壤介质对管道的侵蚀,大大提高了管道的使用寿命,得益于读书。
  In asbestos cement palette, slag, fly ash and admixture are used as cementitious materials of cementitious mortar. It can be used in pH2 ~ 13 environment and has good corrosion resistance. It fully solves the erosion of domestic sewage, industrial waste water and soil medium on the pipeline, greatly improves the service life of the pipeline, and benefits from reading.
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