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  Compared with the amount of calcium required by animals, the amount of calcium in natural plant feed is usually insufficient. This is especially true for eggs, cows, sheep and growing animals. Poultry in molting period, long hair period, growth period of the demand for calcium source is particularly large, this time as long as sufficient calcium source supplement, for animal growth or other aspects can have better growth. Therefore, we should pay attention to the addition of calcium in animal feed. Calcium sulfate (gypsum powder), as a kind of feed additive containing calcium mineral, has been widely used in feed industry.
  Sulfur in animals is mainly beneficial to the formation of sulfur-containing amino acids, methionine and other substances. Sulfur is also heparin. It contains sulfur fat, eggs, feathers, taurine and bile. It also plays an important role in the process of detoxification. Animal needs are generally organic sulfur, so protein feed is the main source of sulfur. But in recent years, inorganic sulfur is also considered to have certain nutritional value to animals.
  Calcium sulfate can also prevent and treat some diseases. Anhydrous calcium sulphate (gypsum) is used in Xing'an and in the cold. It can clear away heat and relieve fire. Besides thirst, it is better than the fixed heat of gas. The temperature is higher in summer, so adding a certain amount of gypsum to the feed can inhibit the nerve stress response, reduce the vascular permeability, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects. Pig and chicken can be used as feed additives to prevent and control heat stress. The amount of feed is generally 1% - 2%.
  The history of using calcium sulfate as feed additive in foreign countries is very short. As a natural mineral feed additive, natural zeolite, bentonite, saponite and limestone (calcium carbonate) have been used for a long time. The application of calcium sulfate is just beginning. At present, it is mainly used for animal nutrition and livestock breeding, and mixed with other feed products to make composite premix. Calcium sulfate, as a feed additive, is generally used to feed cattle, pigs, chickens, rabbits, etc. it is a kind of calcium feed to supplement the lack of calcium and sulfur in the general feed. It is also a nutrient regulator and carrier, which can prevent diseases, promote growth and development, and improve feed utilization. As an economic feed additive, calcium sulfate can replace calcium carbonate to some extent.
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