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来源: 日期:2021-06-02 发布人:juyehe


1、 Putty powder for interior wall
1.产品介绍:腻子粉是采用高分子聚合物,甲基纤维醚等原料精制而成的单组分内墙专用腻子粉,绿舟生产的腻子粉具有良好的坚固性,粘接强度和良好的防水能力等特点,适合于高 档会馆、宾馆、饭店、会议中 心、家庭以及需要预防外墙面渗水影响的高 档场所。
1. Product introduction: putty powder is a one component special putty powder for interior wall made of high molecular polymer, methyl fiber ether and other raw materials. The putty powder produced by Lvzhou has the characteristics of good firmness, adhesive strength and good waterproof ability, which is suitable for high-grade Guildhall, guest house, hotel, conference center, etc Families and high-end places that need to prevent the influence of water seepage on external walls.
2. Features: the wall surface with putty powder fiber can be cleaned with water, without ash, falling off, slight impact and leaving no trace.
3.使用方法:将腻子粉加水搅拌10分钟成膏状腻子静置,5分钟后即可批刮上墙,一般刮两遍,二遍刮得时候要等一遍墙面干了才能刮。干燥后应及时用砂纸打磨(24-48小时内),整平后清 除整个墙面灰尘,稍干即可施涂乳胶漆。
3. Usage: mix the putty powder with water for 10 minutes to form a paste putty. After 5 minutes, the putty can be scraped on the wall. Generally, it can be scraped twice. When it is scraped twice, it can only be scraped when the wall is dry. After drying, it should be polished with sandpaper in time (within 24-48 hours), after leveling, the dust on the whole wall should be removed, and the emulsion paint can be applied when it is slightly dry.
4.安 全安 定性:常态及高温分 解时均无 毒性,化学安 定性高
4. Safety and stability: no toxicity in normal and high temperature decomposition, high chemical stability
2、 Putty powder for exterior wall
1.产品简介:腻子粉采用进口高分子聚合物可再分散胶粉,掺甲基纤维醚、改性淀粉醚、抗裂纤维为腻子粉混合料重量比的(3%)、等原料精制而成的室外高 级腻子粉,对墙体的微裂有较强抵抗力,具有良好的额粘度,抗渗能力,可靠性,自身不收缩等特点。
1. Product introduction: the putty powder is made of imported high molecular polymer redispersible rubber powder, mixed with methyl fiber ether, modified starch ether and anti crack fiber, which is 3% of the weight ratio of putty powder mixture, and other raw materials. It has strong resistance to micro cracks of walls, good viscosity, impermeability, reliability and non shrinkage.
2. Features: the putty powder produced by Lvzhou has good crack resistance, which greatly saves the maintenance cost of the overall strong surface.
3. Usage: mix the putty powder of exterior wall with water to form a paste and let it stand for 5 minutes. Then it can be plastered on the wall. Generally, the thickness should not exceed 2-3mm. According to different requirements, it can be plastered one to three times to increase its thickness.
4. Precautions: due to the good water holding capacity of external wall putty powder, it can slow down the solidification and avoid the generation of early drying shrinkage cracks. Therefore, attention should be paid in the construction, and the second layer operation can only be carried out after the first layer is completely dry. The temperature of construction environment should not be lower than 5 degrees, and construction should not be carried out in rainy days.