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House decoration is inseparable from the use of coatings. There are many types of interior wall coatings. Maybe for friends who don't know much about the types of coatings, they don't know much about them. Next, let's talk about the types of interior wall coatings for decoration by the Xiaobian of Jinan putty powder factory?
1、 It is a low-grade water-soluble coating, which is made by dissolving polyvinyl alcohol in water and adding pigments and other additives. In order to improve its performance and reduce its cost, many ways and brands have been adopted. The main products are 106 and 107803 interior wall coatings. This coating is suitable for general interior wall decoration. This kind of coating has the advantages of low price, non-toxic, odorless and convenient construction. The powder cannot be removed by dry wiping. Because its film-forming material is water-soluble, it always leaves some traces after scrubbing with a wet cloth, with poor durability and easy yellowing and discoloration, but it is cheap and convenient for construction. It is mostly used for interior wall decoration of medium and low-grade rooms or temporary rooms.
二、是乳胶漆,它是一种以水为介质,以丙烯酸酯类、苯乙烯-丙烯酸酯共聚物、醋酸乙烯酯类聚合物的水溶液为成膜物质,加入多种辅助成分制成,其成膜物是不溶于水的,涂膜的耐水性和耐侯性比一类大大提高,湿擦洗后不 留 痕迹,并有平光、高光等不同装饰类型。由于目前其色彩较少,装饰效果与106类相似。
2、 Emulsion paint is a kind of emulsion paint, which is made by taking water as the medium, taking the aqueous solution of acrylate, styrene acrylate copolymer and vinyl acetate polymer as the film-forming material and adding a variety of auxiliary components. The film-forming material is insoluble in water. The water resistance and weather resistance of the film are greatly improved compared with those of the first kind. There is no trace after wet scrubbing, and there are flat light Different decorative types such as highlights. At present, it has less colors, and the decorative effect is similar to that of category 106.
其实这两类涂料完全不是一个档次,属中高 档涂料,虽然价格较贵,但因其优良的性能和装饰效果,所占据的市场份额越来越大。好的乳胶涂料层具有良好的耐水、耐碱、耐洗刷性,涂层受潮后决不会剥落。一般而言(在相同的颜料、体积、浓度条件下),苯丙乳胶漆比乙丙乳胶漆耐水、耐碱、耐擦洗性好,乙丙乳胶漆比聚醋酸乙烯乳胶漆(通称乳胶漆)好。
In fact, these two kinds of coatings are not at the same level at all. They are medium and high-grade coatings. Although the price is expensive, they occupy an increasing market share because of their excellent performance and decorative effect. A good latex coating layer has good water resistance, alkali resistance and washing resistance. The coating will never peel off after being affected with moisture. Generally speaking (under the same pigment, volume and concentration conditions), styrene acrylic emulsion paint has better water resistance, alkali resistance and scrub resistance than ethylene propylene emulsion paint, and ethylene propylene emulsion paint is better than polyvinyl acetate emulsion paint (commonly known as emulsion paint).
3、 It is a very popular colorful coating at present. The film-forming material of the coating is nitrocellulose, which is dispersed in the aqueous phase in the form of oil in water. Multiple color patterns can be formed by one spraying.