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In the process of using light plastering gypsum, I believe many people are still easy to see a phenomenon: blistering. Now, after a period of construction, the foam problem seriously endangers the actual effect of the beautiful and decent wall. Especially after the construction, we must make a thorough analysis of the cause and do well in the project construction before the project is built, so as to prevent this kind of behavior from happening.
Next, the plaster manufacturer will show you how to solve the problem! First of all, the reasons for the foaming of putty surface may be: the base course is too rough and the batching speed is too fast; The putty layer for one-time construction is too thick, greater than 2.0mm; The water content of the base course is too high, and the density is too large or too small. The putty has rich pores, high moisture content, good sealing performance, and the air is sealed in the pores, which is not easy to solve. After a period of construction, the surface peeling is mainly caused by uneven mixing when plastering gypsum is used. The mud contains powdery particles that cannot be dissolved in time.
After construction, a large amount of water absorption and expansion form peeling; If the base course is too dry, the water absorption of the wall is too high or the cement grade is too high, it is easy to produce bubbles. Bubbles are full of holes. After analyzing the causes, the following points should be done during construction: for the putty surface with large bubbles, crush the small bubble mouth directly with a scraper, repaint gypsum and scrape off the foaming surface; Generally, the putty powder shall be stirred evenly, left for about 10 minutes, and then stirred again on the wall with an electric mixer. Second, if there are bubbles during construction, remove the bubbles with a scraper before removing the watermark to ensure that there are no bubbles on the wall.
1. If the bubble or hollowing on the wall is small, it can be polished, then brushed with interface enhancer, and then scraped off in batches;
2. If the hollowing of the wall is large, resulting in large area falling off, it is recommended to brush the interface reinforcing agent after all removal, and then scrape it in batches. The base course shall be cleaned before plastering, watered before plastering, and the mortar mix proportion shall be paid attention to to ensure that the bottom mortar is firmly bonded with the ground; Plastering shall be compacted in layers and times. The construction operation of skirting board and skirting board shall be careful. The skirting board shall be hoisted vertically, and the wire shall be straightened and square. After plastering, it shall be scraped with a board ruler, and the upper mouth shall be compacted and leveled.
The above is the detailed introduction of Jinan gypsum powder. I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service