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  With the deepening of national reform and the accelerating pace of globalization, higher requirements have been put forward for the development of enterprises. Enterprises should not only become the leader of the industry, but also be the leader in the market. How to deal with the challenges under the new situation is also the concern of every enterprise managers. Gypsum powder enterprise management must bear in mind that "if we do not work hard today, we must keep in mind that" With this sense of crisis and urgency, we can better adapt to the economic development under the new situation. We need to have the following awareness in order to better develop.
  The reasons for building up learning consciousness are as follows: 1. In the era of knowledge economy, the speed of knowledge updating is faster and faster, and once new technology and knowledge are invented, old technology and knowledge will have no competitiveness at all. Now the production technology of gypsum powder is getting higher and higher. If we are self-confident, there will be no better development. 2. The requirement of gypsum powder enterprise development is higher and higher, and the requirement of every manager's quality is also higher and higher.
  具备了问题意识,才有创新的可能。创新总是给人一种非常神秘的感觉,其实不然,创新并不是那么深奥、非要有高科技的突破或要有超人的智慧不成,实际工作中的任何小的地方都可能有发挥创新的地方。 石膏粉企业各级管理人员是本企业先接受本新技术知识的,应该运用掌握的新技术、新理念推动管理水平提升。目前的全球化市场为各级管理人员提供了展现才华、勇于创新的佳场所。
  Only when we have the problem consciousness can we innovate. Innovation always gives people a very mysterious feeling, but in fact, innovation is not so profound, there must be a breakthrough in high technology or superhuman wisdom, and there may be places where innovation can be brought into play in any small part of the actual work. The managers at all levels of gypsum powder enterprises are the first ones to accept the latest technical knowledge of their specialty. They should use the new technology and concept to promote the management level. The current global market provides the best place for managers at all levels to show their talents and innovate.
  Now consumers not only pay attention to the quality of products, but also to the after-sales service of products. Gypsum powder enterprises should have a good sense of service in order to have more repeat customers. 管理人员必须摆正自己的位置,善待客户。 In order to gain the trust of customers and make them permanent customers, we need to learn, innovate, find problems and solve problems, actively serve them, and actively provide them with value-added services. Only in this way can the management work we engage in become a valuable part of enterprise management.
  Gypsum powder enterprises to establish the above awareness, in order to make a better contribution to development, also under the challenges of the new situation more vigorous and healthy growth.