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  With people's increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more companies choose environmental protection building materials and plastering gypsum as a new type of environmental protection materials in modern buildings. The most important thing is to control its density. So how to control the density of building plastering gypsum? Jinan gypsum powder manufacturer and everyone discuss together.
  First of all, it depends on the fineness of coatings particles: take several coatings into a glass of water, after mixing, the water is clearer, the particles are independent and no glue, and the size is uniform, then the quality of coatings is better. When painting is thicker, water should be diluted. The surface film is too thick and should be coated twice. Finger rolling with paint, no coarse grit, flushing with water and stick slip feeling, environmental protection coating should be mainly water-based, non-toxic and tasteless; it is best not to buy coatings with flavors and additives, additives also have environmental protection problems, paint on the floor of the cement, after drying, wipe the wet cloth, such as the new product is bright, and the defective products will fade after wiping.
  Pay attention to the production date and shelf life of coatings, overdue coatings must not buy ordinary putty powder, in use must add interfacial agent or white latex mixing use, otherwise the bonding strength is not enough. In addition, the surface of the wall is slightly rough after painting. When it dries, if you rub your hand against the wall, the white powder will fall off. If you sprinkle water on the wall, it will turn into powder or cloudy droplets. Why does paint smell? Production date, shelf life exposure time is long, more than three months will appear deterioration, a thin layer of mold, does not affect the use. The maximum production temperature is less than 50 C.
  The base is not clean, with dust and oil. Dilution multiple is too large, that is, too much water, in early winter, low temperature affects film formation, below 5 C, construction stops. Wall falling off, rolling: the hardness of the base material is not enough, or no removal of floating ash after polishing. The paint is too thick, the table is dry, the inside is wet, and the expansion speed is different, which causes the film to crack. Family decoration wall putty powder occupies the largest area, 90 square meters of the house should be attacked putty powder area of 270 square meters, is the most important decoration, if not at the same time lay a good foundation level, the following process is also very difficult, the surface of the base material is dry and absorbent.