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  Exterior wall paint, sun resistant interior wall paint, scrub resistant据引见,外墙乳胶漆用于涂刷修建外立面,所以更重要的一项政策就是抗紫外线照射,需长时间照射不变色。而内墙漆用于室内墙面粉刷,关于紫外线需求比起外墙漆就低得多。
  It is introduced that the exterior wall emulsion paint is used for painting and building the facade, so the most important policy is to resist ultraviolet radiation, which will take a long time without discoloration. The interior wall paint is used for interior wall painting, and the UV demand is much lower than the exterior wall paint.
  The interior wall latex paint has a high demand for scrub resistant function. It is easy to stain the wall surface in home life and can be scrubbed with water at any time. The exterior wall paint needs to be water resistant and self-cleaning. The paint film shall be hard and flat, and the dirt shall be washed away as soon as possible.
  The elasticity of interior and exterior wall paint is very important. Elasticity can avoid cracking caused by temperature and climate change. Exterior wall paint can be used for interior wall painting because it also has the function of water resistance, while interior wall paint does not have the function of sun resistance, so it can not be used for exterior wall painting, so Centennial initiative is still a special purpose.
  Interior and exterior wall paint have the same demand for environmental protection我们提出“外墙漆是不是能用于涂刷内墙”这个疑问,主要是关心环保疑问,忧虑外墙漆的环保政策低,会构成室内空气污染。事实上,只需是乳胶漆,无论是内墙漆、外墙漆、都是没有污染的。
  We put forward the question "can the exterior wall paint be used to paint the interior wall?" we are mainly concerned about environmental protection. We are worried that the low environmental protection policy of the exterior wall paint will cause indoor air pollution. In fact, only latex paint, no matter interior wall paint or exterior wall paint, is pollution-free.
  There is a simple way to distinguish the quality of emulsion paint无论是用何种乳胶漆刷内墙,乳胶漆本身的质量是不是过关是关键。消费者在收购时要把握一些简单的识别办法。
  No matter what kind of emulsion paint is used to brush the interior wall, the quality of emulsion paint itself is the key. Consumers should grasp some simple identification methods when purchasing.
  Apply the emulsion paint on the nails or fingers. After one or two minutes, the qualified emulsion paint will form a film, strong and shiny. If is presents the powdery, does not form the membrane, is the additive excessively. The main component of latex paint is binder, and it is matched with proper pigment, additive, water (solvent), etc. It is difficult to ensure the quality of emulsion paint. Nowadays, the fake emulsion paint in the market is basically produced in this way. Consumers should pay attention to the identification.
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