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How should we store putty powder after unsealing? When decorating, the decoration material we cannot do without is putty powder. Many people like to buy a lot of putty powder at one time when decorating, so there will be a part of putty powder left after decoration. Do you know how to store the putty powder after you open it? Putty powder Xiaobian will answer for you.
1. Generally speaking, the coating after unsealing should be used up as soon as possible. Because the coating is easy to produce chemical reaction when contacting the air, it will affect the performance of the coating. You can put the paint in a bottle, close the lid, put the bottle upside down (i.e. the mouth of the bottle is facing down), and then put the bottle upright in the dark after a day or two. If stored for a long time like this, the coating will not have hard skin and solidification, which is the basic storage.
2、开封后的涂料应该储存在阴凉、通风和干燥的地方,防止雨淋和日光直接暴晒,并应杜绝火源,远离热源。涂料的保存温度一般可控制在5 -25℃范围内,夏季防止高温,冬季要防冻。
2. The unsealed paint shall be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place to prevent direct exposure to rain and sunlight, and the fire source shall be eliminated and kept away from the heat source. The storage temperature of the coating can generally be controlled within the range of 5 - 25 ℃. High temperature shall be prevented in summer and antifreeze shall be avoided in winter.
3. The unsealed coatings shall be stored separately during storage, and shall not be stored in places easily polluted by water, oil and other materials. It is strictly prohibited to store with inflammable and explosive materials, and keep the surrounding environment clean.
4. It is not allowed to mix the paint in the paint warehouse after it is stored in the unsealed paint warehouse, so as to avoid the volatilization and escape of flammable, explosive and toxic gases into the space of the warehouse and cause accidents. If the storage period is exceeded, all indicators shall be inspected according to the provisions of the product's technical standards, and the coatings that do not meet the requirements shall be treated in time.
5. During construction or storage, appropriate protective measures shall also be taken to avoid long-term contact with the skin. Those attached to the skin surface shall be washed with soapy water, and solvents shall not be used.
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