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The external bonded benzene board does not meet the demand of sticking glazed tiles on the external wall of the building. In case of fire or after more than 20 years, the bonding glue and plastic expansion nail will harden and become brittle when they reach the service life, there will be a risk of glazed tiles falling off. Therefore, the external decoration of external bonded benzene board is required to be paint in national and local standards.
Moreover, it is difficult to control the construction quality of this insulation system. The expansion nails when using benzene board and extruded board will make the wall crack and water seepage. The inorganic insulation mortar insulation system can not only solve this problem, but also have more outstanding performance in terms of cost, construction, insulation and energy saving, strength and so on. Energy saving inorganic thermal insulation mortar has the characteristics of energy saving and waste recycling, thermal insulation, fire prevention and antifreeze, aging resistance and low price, and has a wide range of market demand.
Inorganic thermal insulation mortar is mainly vitrified bead thermal insulation mortar and expanded perlite thermal insulation mortar. The difference between the two is that the material particles of expanded perlite are large, open, with high water absorption, the thermal conductivity is greater than that of vitrified beads, and the thermal conductivity is irreversible after water absorption. Vitrified beads are small, closed, and basically do not absorb water.
Inorganic insulation mortar has good temperature stability and chemical stability: inorganic insulation mortar material insulation system is made of pure inorganic materials. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no cracking, no falling off, high stability, no aging problem, and the same service life as the building wall.
济南抹面砂浆厂家提醒您,粘合剂是重要的辅助材料之一,在包装作业中应用极为广泛。粘合剂是具有粘性的物质,借助其粘性能将两种分离的材料连接在一起。粘合剂的种类很多。 粘合剂实际上是一种生的添加剂,由泵输送到瓦楞机,然后涂到楞峰上。当其处于生的状态时没有粘性,只有其在糊线上加热到一定温度时,才会变成一种强韧的粘合剂。参考用量1、粘贴小型尺寸的瓷砖时,建议使用6mm×6mm的齿型刮板。
Jinan plastering mortar manufacturer reminds you that adhesive is one of the important auxiliary materials, which is widely used in packaging operations. Adhesive is a substance with viscosity, which connects two separated materials with the help of its viscosity energy. There are many kinds of adhesives. The adhesive is actually a raw additive, which is pumped to the corrugating machine and then applied to the corrugating peak. When it is in a raw state, it has no viscosity. Only when it is heated to a certain temperature on the paste line, it will become a strong and tough adhesive. Reference dosage 1. When pasting small size ceramic tiles, 6mm is recommended × 6mm toothed scraper.
The above is all about the problems and precautions introduced to you today. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more, you can contact us by phone or follow our website , our staff will contact you in time.