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After we have prepared the latex paint, we can actually prepare to apply it. However, it should be noted that the prepared latex paint cannot be directly applied. The preparation of latex paint is usually done by using a stirring tool to stir evenly and let the latex paint stand for 15-20 minutes. The main task here is to defoaming the bubbles inside. After the foam is completely eliminated, the latex paint can be formally applied.
① Emulsion paint application. At this point, we can wet the tool with water and then shake the water inside the tool dry, leaving the brush or roller brush in a moist state. This way, it will be faster to use. Then you can dip in the latex paint, and then you can officially apply the paint.
② Application of emulsion paint primer. For the application standard of latex paint, it is generally done with one bottom and two sides. The first thing we need to apply is primer. Primer is usually applied using a roller brush. Dip the roller brush in the latex paint primer and apply it on the wall surface. The construction sequence of latex paint primer is generally from the living room to the bedroom, from the top handle to the wall, and so on.

③ Application of latex paint topcoat. The application of latex paint topcoat generally requires two coats, with an interval of 2-4 hours between each coat. So after brushing the primer, it is usually stopped for about two hours to see if the primer is basically dry, and then the first coat of topcoat can be applied. For the first coat of topcoat, it is also recommended to brush the top plate first and then the wall. When brushing, one brush should be pressed against the other. If using a roller brush, it means that one roller brush is pressed against the other, without leaving any gaps in the middle. Finish the first coat of paint in this way. Let it dry naturally. Then proceed with the second coat of topcoat. The application method of the topcoat is completely the same as that of the first topcoat.
④ Curing. After brushing the latex paint, everyone must pay attention to the curing time. Because many latex paints in the later stage have peeling, cracking, and particles on the surface, all of which are caused by inadequate maintenance. So after the second coat of latex paint in our home is applied, close the windows and doors in a timely manner. At this point, I personally suggest that everyone temporarily suspend their home decoration, usually for 3-5 days. The specific time depends on the weather conditions. For example, in summer, it is usually enough to stop for three days, while in winter, it is usually enough to stop for about five days to ensure a good surface effect of latex paint.
For the construction of latex paint, my personal viewpoint is that from the surface treatment of the putty layer to the completion of the maintenance of the later latex paint, this process is the entire construction step of the latex paint. For latex paint construction, everyone needs to pay attention to the formulation of latex paint, and it is important to focus on it. For more related usage, come to our website Consult!