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  The main technical advantages of high strength gypsum consumption technology are as follows:
  (1) The process is simple, the crystallization and dryness are completed at one time, and the product is grinded.
  (2) Material sources are widespread. It can use phosphogypsum, desulfurization gypsum and other by-products of industry. It can also use ceramic waste moulds or other gypsum. Of course, it can also use natural gypsum.
  (3) Without adding steam or water, and without adding any chemical crystallizer, activator, dispersant, seed and other wage materials, high strength gypsum below alpha 50 can be consumed with low cost and less harmful ingredients.
  (4) Consumption efficiency is high, consumption cycle is short, the general demand is only 4-6 hours, while the traditional process takes 20-24 hours, efficiency improvement is 6-4 times.
  (5) High heat application rate, lower energy consumption than building gypsum, can not use boilers, save investment.
  (6) The quality is easy to control, the product can be ever-changing, the market can adapt to strong, universal use.
  (7) Mechanized operation with high automation level and low workload.
  (8) Good environmental protection performance, no waste residue, waste water discharge, clean consumption of the whole plant.
  The process of dry process is very simple and compact, and all links of consumption are mechanized and automated operation, with low labor intensity, less workload and stable and reliable products; however, the output and quality can be controlled freely between alpha 30 and alpha 50; better raw materials can also reach alpha 60, which fully meets the JC/T 2038 specification of type A high strength gypsum.- 2010, and Technical Requirements of Ceramic Mould Gypsum Specification QB1639-92.
  It is particularly commendable that in the process of dry process consumption of high strength gypsum, the technical indicators of gypsum products can be adjusted freely according to the detailed requests of different manufacturers in the process of consumption, without the need for subsequent distribution process or chemical additives. It is the most economical and cost-effective way to consume high strength gypsum at present. New technology with the lowest cost and the easiest quality control.
  It should be clarified that most of the by-product gypsum in industry has the problem of excessive impurities. Therefore, the raw materials of by-product gypsum should be disposed of harmlessly in order to meet the requirement of consumption of cleaner products. At present, the technology of cleaner disposal of industrial by-product gypsum has been mature, which can be applied to industrial consumption in a wide range and the dry process consumption is high. Separation of strength gypsum technology from dry cleaning and disposal technology of raw materials can thoroughly deal with the social problems of gypsum pollution caused by industrial by-products, and truly fulfill the desire to turn harm into benefit and waste into treasure.