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  The quick drying of putty powder on the wall is mainly influenced by external factors, internal factors and scraping thickness. The external causes are mainly the dryness and humidity of the wall, the weather temperature, humidity, light, etc. The internal causes are mainly the raw material ratio and additive ratio of putty itself. The batch scraping thickness also affects the monotonous speed of putty wall.
  1. The wall is too dry: Assuming that the wall is too dry, it will absorb a lot of moisture in the putty, putty powder will dry quickly after the wall. In this case, first check the dryness and humidity of the wall, spray the wall with water before putty, and then construct it before there is no clear water.
  2. Temperature is too high: high temperature, strong illumination, faster evaporation of water, and faster drying behind putty walls. Especially in summer, we should avoid batch scraping putty in high temperature and strong illumination period, and choose the time of low temperature in the morning and evening to construct. In addition, the dosage of cellulose ether should be slightly increased to increase water retention and reduce excessive evaporation of water.
  3. Putty quality: Some manufacturers use cement and lime and calcium more in putty ingredients in order to save cost. If alkaline cement is used in putty, it will hydrate too fast, cause plastic loss too fast, and shorten construction time. Grey calcium absorbs a lot of water, assuming a large amount of additions, it will also dry quickly when putty wall is constructed. Therefore, in the proportion of raw materials, reduce or not use high alkaline cement, reduce the amount of lime calcium, assuming no special use, in ordinary cases, ordinary putty only needs to add 150-200 kg lime calcium enough.
  4. The problem of additives: cellulose ether is the most commonly added in putty, which mainly plays the role of water retention. When cellulose ether is added, it is necessary to select cellulose ether with reliable quality, which is too poor in quality, poor in water retention of putty and difficult to scrape in batches. The viscosity of cellulose ether should be moderate, too high, too thick and laborious to scrape, too low viscosity, insufficient water retention and easy to dry. Usually, putty powder with 200 kg lime and calcium is added with HPMC with a viscosity of 40,000 yuan (3-4 kg). In addition, we can consider adding some wood fiber, which is cheap, can keep water and thicken, can also add a small amount of starch ether, increase construction, batch scraping feel light non-stick knife.
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