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  Putty powder is the decoration material that must be used in decoration. Its quality is directly related to the quality of decoration and the health and safety of residents. The quality of fake putty powder is low, including formaldehyde, which is harmful to human health. When decorating the bottom layer, it simply leads to wall network upsurge, or even large area falling off, which brings safety risks to residents.
  The traditional putty powder processing technology needs to add rubber, which contains some substances harmful to human health, especially formaldehyde. Jinan putty powder produced by regular manufacturers generally conforms to national regulations, but most of the putty powder produced by these fake regular brands is produced in violation of regulations. The putty powder glue content processed by these manufacturers has no scientific share, and the form of formaldehyde exceeding standard is very simple.
  In addition, the excessive formaldehyde will not only damage the skin and lungs of the construction personnel, such as after the house ventilation is not complete, a large number of carcinogens such as formaldehyde will be free indoors, which will cause serious harm to human health. Together, the unqualified Guizhou putty powder particles are large, the cellulose content is small or the cellulose content is small, and the adhesion is poor. On the outside of these putty powder coating, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of bulge, crack or even fall in a short time, which affects the construction quality.
  The skill of puttying fast and flat
  1.选择质量好的腻子是很关键的,这是刮好腻子的一个重要条件。其他,内墙和外墙要区别使用不同的腻子;2. 了解腻子与水的比例,调配出质量均匀的腻子。按比例将桶内放入适量的水,再放入适量的腻子粉,将电钻安装在搅拌头上,动力搅拌,搅拌至糊状即可;3,在刮之前,要用扫帚和墙面腻子刀安排清洁、处理墙面的清洁是非常重要的,如果将存在接缝或缺角等条件,我们要用石膏粉修复,贴布或贴牛皮纸处理好。
  1. It is very important to choose the putty with good quality, which is an important condition for scraping the putty. In addition, different putty should be used for inner wall and outer wall; 2. Understand the proportion of putty and water, and prepare putty with uniform quality. Put a proper amount of water into the barrel according to the proportion, then put a proper amount of putty powder, install the electric drill on the mixing head, stir it with power, and mix it until it is paste; 3. Before scraping, it is very important to arrange cleaning with a broom and a putty knife on the wall and handle the cleaning of the wall. If there are conditions such as joints or missing angles, we need to repair them with gypsum powder, paste cloth or paste kraft paper.
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