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At present, the quality of desulfurization building gypsum powder in the market is mixed, with many hidden dangers and risks. Some unscrupulous merchants, in order to reduce costs, use low-quality raw materials and outdated processes to produce substandard products. Their physical properties are not up to standard, resulting in insufficient strength and poor durability of building materials. This poses potential risks to the stability and service life of building structures. Secondly, they contain excessive harmful substances and heavy metals, which can penetrate into the surrounding environment and pose a potential threat to people's health. In addition, their particle size distribution is also uneven, which can affect the processing performance and construction effect of building materials, leading to problems such as cracking and detachment during the construction process, seriously affecting construction quality and project sustainability.
Building gypsum powder with excessive harmful ions
Among numerous desulfurization building gypsum powder brands, Lianjiang desulfurization building gypsum powder stands out with its excellent performance, becoming a wise choice for developers and construction parties. Lianjiang Desulfurization Building Gypsum Powder is produced by dehydration of dihydrate gypsum, a byproduct of flue gas desulfurization in power plants, through a two-step process of drying and calcination. The purity of the desulfurization gypsum raw material used in the power plant is greater than 90%, and the chloride ion is less than 300ppm. It takes β Calcium sulfate hemihydrate is the main component, which has the advantages of high purity and high content of hemihydrate gypsum. The calcined finished gypsum powder has a hemihydrate gypsum content greater than 85%, a 2-hour flexural strength greater than 3.5 mpa, and good adaptability to various retarders, with stable performance. This makes Lianjiang Desulfurization Building Gypsum Powder perform well in producing various gypsum building materials, providing a reliable material selection for the construction industry.
Lianjiang Desulfurization Building Gypsum Powder ensures high purity and excellent quality through strict production processes, which can meet the high requirements of the construction industry for building material quality. Secondly, the impurities and chloride ion content in Lianjiang desulfurization building gypsum powder are extremely low, non-toxic and harmless, ensuring the performance and stability of gypsum products. In addition, the Lianjiang desulfurization building gypsum powder also has a longer setting time, which is convenient for construction operations and adjustments, and improves construction efficiency.
Compared with traditional building materials, desulfurization building gypsum powder has won the favor of the market due to its excellent performance and environmental protection characteristics. The production of Lianjiang desulfurization building gypsum powder based on solid waste resource utilization can not only reduce solid waste emissions, but also achieve resource recycling. At the same time, the Lianjiang desulfurization building gypsum powder has no radiation, meeting the requirements of modern society for health and safety.
Whether it is in the production of building materials such as gypsum boards and gypsum blocks, or in the application of plastering gypsum and gypsum self flow equality construction, Lianjiang Desulfurization Building Gypsum Powder can meet your needs. The characteristics of high purity, stability, fineness, and environmental protection,
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