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来源: 日期:2023-03-16 发布人:juyehe

Many large equipment need to be fixed on the high-strength base surface to operate, and the strength and fatigue resistance of concrete structures can not meet the equipment operation requirements, so we need to use grouting materials to reinforce them. If some small details are omitted during the secondary grouting of equipment foundation, the grouting effect will be greatly reduced. What problems are likely to occur when grouting materials are not used properly? Jinan putty powder manufacturer analyzes for you:
1、 Incomplete treatment of the base surface: before using the grouting material, we should clean the base surface, remove the oil dirt, small particles that are not easy to bind, dust, etc. on the base surface, and also wet the base surface, but do not leave open water. If the base surface is not cleaned, the bonding will not be firm when the secondary grouting material for equipment foundation is used for construction.
2、 Uneven mixing: during the construction of grouting materials, we should mix them in strict accordance with their water-material ratio, and at the same time, the mixing time and mixing strength should be sufficient to ensure that the grouting materials can be mixed evenly before use. Uneven mixing of grout will lead to poor filling, easy bleeding, low strength and easy cracking.
3、 Discontinuous construction: The grouting material shall be continuous during the grouting construction, and the interval shall not be too long. Meanwhile, the mixed grout shall be used at one time. If the fluidity is insufficient during the grouting construction, no water shall be added, and it shall be discarded. Adding water halfway can easily lead to bleeding, uneven strength and cracking.
4、 Improper construction orientation: during grouting construction, we should carry out from one end to the other end, or from the middle to the four sides, so as to exhaust the air between the formwork and prevent bubbles from being sealed in the slurry, and we should not grout from the four sides at the same time in order to catch up.
5、 Improper or no curing: After the completion of the grouting material construction, it needs to be cured for about 7 days, usually by sprinkling water to ensure that the surface is in a wet state. When the temperature is below zero, it also needs to be insulated. Without curing, the compressive strength and other properties of the grouting material will be affected.
The relevant content of problems that may occur when grouting materials are not used properly is explained above. I hope it can help you. Of course, we should pay attention to that good construction materials and correct construction methods can achieve ideal results. Welcome to our website if you don't know anything Message consultation!